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The Moosemac Story:

Way back in 2001, Ed and I moseyed on up to the North Georgia Mountains for a way overdue weekend vacation.  A friend recommended the cabin where she had spent her honeymoon.  It was perfect!  We fell in love with the view, the locationit felt so right for us. 

The next weekend we went back looking for land to build our own dream getaway.  we only wanted to be on that mountain with that same fabulous view, but There wasn't anything available.  Then, we got lucky, very, very lucky and found out about a lot that had not yet been listed.  We bought it then and there.  Amazingly, it is high above the cabin we had originally stayed in ....with an even more incredible view!

It was a very exciting year.  We found a great builder and by Fall of 2002, MOOSEMAC was completed.  We spent several years enjoying fabulous weekends and holidays with friends and family at our dream cabin in the mountains.  Now, we share it with you and hope you will experience great memories there as we have.

How did the name MOOSEMAC originate?  This goes way back.  When Ed and I were dating, he did something nice and thoughtful (can't remember exactly what it was, but he's just that kind of a guy).  So, in response, I said "you're really a dear to do that".  His macho male response to me was "I'm not a deer, I'm a moose."  Well, as you may have guessed, the name stuck and I've always called him Moose.  Since my last name is Macrate (Ed didn't want to change his name when we got married :-)) and I am often referred to as LoryMac, well
.you can see how it came together.

Ed and I look forward to welcoming you as our guests at MOOSEMAC!

Happy Trails,




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